New Season starting Soon!


All PLAYERS need to register on line. If you are not Registered you are not insured. This is very important.

Don't have your team code, ask your Team Delegate or get it from the office.

Once you are registered your name will be PRINTED on the team sheet, If your name is NOT on the Team Sheet you are Not registered.

POCKETS ON SHORTS AND SHIRTS If any player has Pockets on there shorts or shirts they will NOT be able to take the field. This is for safety reasons, please cooperate with the referees they are only following the administrations directive. Jewellery and Long Finger Nails

All players are reminded that no Jewellery is to be worn on the field at any time and long finger nails should be covered with tape. Nails should no longer than the tip of the fingers. Any Jewellery that can not be removed please also cover with tape. Referees will be enforcing this every week.


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